Bethesda Steakhouses

For the upscale city of Bethesda, diners will easily be able to find a perfectly cooked steak from a variety of restaurants. Some of these steakhouses range from traditional, chains and small low-key establishments. Below is a list of some of the top rated steakhouses in Bethesda.

Le Vieux Logis, or The Old Lodge, is the number two rated steakhouse in Bethesda on Le Vieux Logis is not your traditional steakhouse; it is a French restaurant that serves some of the best steaks in Bethesda. Le Vieux Logis has been opened for twenty-five years. The inside of the restaurant is designed to look like an old French inn. Le Vieus Logis, located on Old Georgetown Road, serves several different cuts of meat. In addition to traditional beef steaks, Le Vieux Logis prepares veal scaloppini, lamb rack chops, and a host of seafood dishes. Recommended dishes include the monkfish medallions a l’Americaine and the robust New York Steak au Poivre.

The Pacific Grill, located on Cordell Avenue, serves up a variety of grilled meats and seafood. The grill and kitchen are open, allowing for guests to visualize the chef at work, creating a unique dining experience. Additionally, eaters can request stone grilling, which is when a slab of volcanic stone is brought to the table and patrons sear their own meats at their table. This trendy restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and reasonable wine list. Pacific Grill serves lunch on weekdays and dinner is served seven nights a week.

Ruth Chris Steakhouse received five out of five forks in the Washingtonian City Paper. This steakhouse, located on Wisconsin Avenue, is part of a chain yet still manages to create a friendly and unique atmosphere for diners. The steaks are well-marbled and flavorful and are always brought to the table still sizzling. Sides are large and are meant to be shared. This luxurious restaurant serves USDA Prime steaks cut into large portions. In addition to steaks, Ruth Chris serves lobster, veal and chicken dishes. Recommended dishes are the rib-eye and hanger steak with hollandaise sauce.


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