Bethesda Pizza Restaurants

In the Bethesda area, finding pizza restaurants that are not your standard chain can be difficult. Below are several top rated, locally owned, pizza places that make excellent pies.

Mia’s Pizza, located on Cordell Avenue, serves up some of the top rated pizza in Bethesda. This restaurant, rated with three out of four stars from the Washingtonian Paper, was nominated as a Top Cheap Eat Restaurant in the DC area. The crusts at Mia’s are drizzled with olive oil before being served, giving them a honey colored hue. The crusts are soft, fluffy and chewy. Recommended dishes include the Simple Mia’s pizza, which is a margherita pizza, and the Alsace pizza, which has pancetta, Gruyère cheese and caramelized onions. In addition to pizza, Mia’s serves excellent sandwiches, in particular the meatball slider.

M&N Pizza, located on Georgetown Road, serves pizza that is made with the freshest and high quality ingredients. The service at M&N’s is friendly and attentive. The prices at M&N’s are unbeatable. The portions are huge, especially if one is buying a single slice. In addition to the pizza, M&N’s makes calzones. M&N’s pizza does deliver. One of the most recommended pizzas at M&N is the spinach pizza.

Pizza Zero is an inexpensive pizza restaurant on Bethesda Avenue. This kid friendly restaurant offers pizza crusts cooked in a wood-fire oven. The food at Pizza Zero has an Argentinean flare. The crusts are thin, crispy and a bit sweet. The grill gives them a smoky taste. Pizza Zero offers 32 different pizza toppings, some traditional and others a bit bizarre such as smoked tuna and chimichurri sauce. All toppings are fresh. The menu has 28 pizzas with tomato sauce and six white pizzas. In addition to pizzas, Pizza Zero serves up empanadas, which can be filled with chicken, beef or spinach.


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