Bethesda Mexican Restaurants

Throughout Bethesda, there are several well rated Mexican restaurants. Below are a few of the best.

Guardado’s is the third best Mexican restaurant in Bethesda by Co-owners Nicolas and Reyna Guardado serve up Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine. Nicolas used to be a chef at DC acclaimed restaurant Jaleo and now mans the kitchen in Guardado. This restaurant is inexpensive, yet intimate and informal at the same time. On the weekends, Guardado serves a wonderful brunch. Guardado serves tapas and entrees, with the best dishes being the croquetas, pupusas, chorizo with mashed potatoes, and Gambas al Ajillo. Reservations are recommended at Guardado’s.

Located on Saint Elmo Avenue is La Plaza Restaurant, which serves Mexican and Salvadorian fare. Stated to have some of the best Mexican food in all of Bethesda on, the atmosphere at La Plaza is relaxed and casual. The restaurant is family friendly, with several character piñatas hanging from the ceiling including SpongeBob and Dora. The salsa is homemade with fresh ingredients. Highly recommended dishes at La Plaza include the El Cuscatleco Vegetariano, the spinach quesadilla, and the chicken fajita.

Hacienda Casa Grande Uncle Julio’s is the top rated Mexican restaurant by Uncle Julio’s is located on Bethesda Avenue. The smoky salsa, tortilla chips, and guacamole at Uncle Julio’s are all homemade. This restaurant is family friendly, often getting quite loud and getting crowded early on the weekend. Uncle Julio’s is adequately staffed, which makes wait times limited and food is served piping hot. Uncle Julio’s offers an outdoor seating area during warmer month. Portions at Uncle Julio’s are large. Recommended dishes include the ceviche, steak fajitas and chipotle ribs.


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